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How to start blogging

First of all you need to have an blog account-blogspot,wordpress,xanga,livejournal and others.You have to sign up and give all your information correctly. Dont worry they will keep your information safely.

For blogspot just follow this step to create your account

1-Type or into your browser. It will redirect you to the same page.

2-Click at the 'Create A Blog' button

3-You will be redirect to another page.There is 3 steps in this section-

a) 'Create a google account'-If u already have one u can abandon this step where u need to sign in first. Then click 'Continue' button to proceed.
b)'Name blog'-You choose your blog name and url.Then click 'Continue' button to proceed.
c)'Choose template'-You choose a template for your blog.Then click 'Continue' button to proceed.

4- Congratulations! Your blogger account has been created. Now you can start blogging.

Smile (^_^)

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