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Statcounter is a free tracker that track all activity on your website/blog. You can track where were the visitor came from, the popular pages, recent visitor activity, keyword analysis and lots more. All you need is create an account and add the code (will be given) to your blog/website. Then you can log in to see the stats.

Features :
  • Absolutely free (you can upgrade to premium if you like)
  • Absolutely no ads
  • Accurate real-time website statistics with detailed visitor tracking and analysis
  • Manage multiples sites from one account

How to start :
  1. Register an account at
  2. Create a project (refer to your blog/website)
  3. Insert the code to your blog/website
  4. Start analyze your stats

  • what keywords visitors use to find your site
  • your most popular pages
  • links used to reach your site
  • what countries your visitors come from
  • how visitors navigate through your site
  • ..and much more
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  1. I've used statcounter, but frustrated with some of the limits I switched to GoStats and found a better tracker in my opinion.

  2. i dont thinks so..maybe u need upgrade your account to use some of the features..

    i try to check the page rank and alexa rank of statcounter and gostats and here the results

    google pagerank-8

    google pagerank-07

    this means the webmaster more like using statcounter :)